The Lunchbots use quality fresh ingredients to produce healthy & tasty lunch options your children will love to eat.

Nutritionist endorsed & providing smart choices in line with the NSW Healthy School Canteen strategy.



From the humble vegemite sandwich through to tasty pasta Bolognese, child sized real beef & real chicken burgers, made to order sushi & freshly fried rice.


Freshly squeezed juices & fruit smoothies. No added sugar - plain & simple.    




Banana bread, berry muffins, cookies & super bliss balls all made in house without refined sugar

From the humble to the fancy schmancy


Sandwiches, toasties and wraps are a lunch staple. They do not need to be massive, soggy or stuffed with the crappy heart of lettuce. They should be delicious with every bite. 



No limp lettuce or bitter tomato - that's our pledge.


Crisp, in season, best of the market vegies with add-ins such as chicken & sauces all made to order - for your child.



Forget processed foods - stay true to humble beginnings


When you want to know what goes in to our hot food options you start at the beginning.

All options are made from scratch. That means in house passata, in house brioche burger buns, real chicken and beef, fresh veggie patties and home made teriyaki sauce.            This adds up to great flavour with reduced salt and sugar - can't complain about that!!



Make mine fresh


Not all sushi is created equal. By making our sushi in house we can reduce the sugars to create sticky rice and lower the salt with reduced sodium soy.



Forget tasteless melon - try some fruits with flavour!


Fruit salads can often be filled with a bizarre mix of bland melon. Not ours!                    The Lunchbots fruit salad is bursting with fresh seasonal fruits.

Creamy Greek style vanilla yogurt served cold not warm - yum.



Now obviously water should be our go to drink but every now and then a delicious fresh juice or flavoured milk is the go.

All served in our reusable drink containers - too easy!